Are we too busy to truly enjoy the great little things about life? What’s the harm in slowing down and doing nothing once in awhile? Those are my thoughts in my video, The Sweetness of Doing Nothing, which is based on a quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love.
A mother I know has a baby girl who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sometimes it takes something horrible to make us realize how lucky we are and how we often take things for granted. Check out my video on being thankful for the good things in our life, and keeping our priorities and problems in perspective.
I recently wrote about The Mistake of Settling in a Relationship and how, many times, people make a huge relationship mistake by settling for "Mr. Okay" instead of "Mr. Right."  In that post, I also laid out the signs you are settling for the wrong person and reasons why people settle. After receiving several reader comments, I want to discuss a related aspect in this video.
Theresa leads a pretty normal life (some may even say boring) — she is married, has a baby daughter and a dog. She started writing about her thoughts and observations on life on her personal blog, LuvBuv. Shortly thereafter, she was asked to blog about relationships, family, and well-being for the HealthyPlace community.