Leaving 'Trauma! A PTSD Blog' for Self-Care

October 10, 2019 Traci Powell

An important aspect of healing and learning to live with complex posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is recognizing when it's time to take a step back from life's many responsibilities and give yourself a little self-compassion and self-care. Lately, I find myself being pulled in 100 different directions, which is causing a flare-up in my complex PSTD. To that end, while it's been my honor to write for you, it's time for me to listen to my own words and say goodbye to Trauma! A PTSD Blog.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care and Leaving 'Trauma! A PTSD Blog'

When I set out to write for HealthyPlace in the Trauma! A PTSD Blog, it was my hope to educate and inspire through my words. More than anything, my hope was that through sharing my experiences with you, you could know you are not alone and someone understands what you are experiencing. Living life with complex posttraumatic stress disorder can be so hard, but a connection with others who travel this road supports healing.

Complex PTSD, especially as a result of childhood abuse, can leave you feeling as if you don't have a right to speak up for yourself or set boundaries to protect yourself. The child inside tells you that you have to keep trying to prove yourself and not rock any boats. I hope that through my writing, you've learned that the best way to manage your complex PTSD is to become the adult champion that the child inside of you may have never had. 

When your gut says no, but your mouth says yes, take a step back and consider if what you're doing is just going to add to your stress. Ask yourself if it's something you are doing because you want to or is it because you feel you can't say no. 

From the beginning, I've very much wanted to write for Trauma! A PTSD Blog. It's been healing for me and I have really appreciated your comments and feedback. Now, however, I have other responsibilities that must take priority, so while my heart still says yes to writing for the blog, my gut knows in order to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed, which will trigger my complex PTSD, it's time to step away.

Complex PTSD may be something you will always live with. I'm sure that's the case for me, but that doesn't mean it's not a life worth living. It just means we need to make the best possible choices for ourselves to stay mentally healthy. My wish for you is that you make those choices, not only for you but for the little one inside of you. 

Even though I'm stepping away from Trauma! A PTSD Blog, I will still be adding to my personal blog, and will continue my work with adult survivors of childhood abuse. 

I wish you all much peace and healing as you travel your complex PTSD journeys.

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