How to Get Help for a Mental Illness - March 24

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The National Institute of Mental Health estimated that 26.2 percent of Americans suffered from a mental disorder in 2006. That is over one quarter of the adult population who needed help. Have you ever wondered if you might need help or suffer from depression or another mental illness ? Do you know where to find help?

Our HealthyPlace TV Show, this coming Tuesday, March 24th is titled: "Reaching Out: How To Know If You Need Help and Where To Find It."

How do you know if you need help? There are several standards set out by the APA and the AMA. If a behavior, attitude, or feeling consistently and abnormally interfere with your life or relationships, you may need help. This can be often difficult to define and you may get different opinions from different professionals. (Dr. Croft has a great blog post on "When and Where to Get Help for Mental Health Issues ") We hope to clear a lot of this confusion this Tuesday.

Where do you go for a mental health problem?

Even if you know that you need help, how do you decide where to go? Is this a small problem that can be resolved by an open discussion with your religious leader, or do you need to see a clinical psychologist? What about a counseling psychologist (or what is even the difference!). When do I need to see a psychiatrist over a psychologist? The difference is not as simple as a psychiatrist can prescribe medication. If you cannot afford to pay for professional medical help, where do you turn?

HealthyPlace TV Show Details

The show could not happen without you and I am looking forward to having you participate in our live show, next Tuesday March 24th at 7:30p CT, 8:30 ET, and 5:30 PT. If you have a story of finding help, there are several ways you can share your story. Upload a video to youtube and email me the link. We will play the videos live during our show. Also, you can email us your questions for Dr. Croft or any comments at Producer AT . Information on the HealthyPlace TV Show and how it works can be found here.

After the first half of the show, we will turn over the show to you, the viewers. Dr. Harry Croft, Medical Director and co-host of the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV show, will answer any of your mental health questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


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