Self-Injury Show: Tues., March 10

March 8, 2009 admin

Imagine being a cutter, self-injurer, for many years. Wanting to stop, even stopping off-and-on, but always returning to it.

Our HealthyPlace TV Show, this coming Tuesday, March 10, is titled: "I am a self-injurer and I cannot stop." Our guest is Dana. You can read a bit more about her struggle with self-injury and see an intro video here.

One thing we do know about self-injury is that there are way too many misconceptions about the subject. Self-harm (also known as self-injury , self-abuse , and self-mutilation ) is not performed with the intent to commit suicide, but to temporarily relieve the stress and tension someone feels inside. You can read more about self-injury and why people self-injure here.

According to the article on the warning signs of self-injury , self-harm can take many forms in addition to the much publicized cutting :

  • carving
  • branding
  • marking
  • biting
  • head banging
  • bruising
  • hitting
  • tattooing
  • excessive body piercing

Again, the topic is: I am a self-injurer and I cannot stop. If you or a loved one suffers or has suffered from self-injury, please take this opportunity to reach out to those suffering in silence. We want to hear your story. Make a youtube video about your struggle and send me an email to producer AT . We will be playing these videos during the live show. Details on how the HealthyPlace TV Show works can be found here.

Make sure you read Dr. Harry Croft's blog post which describes self-harm in greater detail and I look forward to your participation in our next live show Tuesday, March 10th at 7:30p CT, 8:30 ET, and 5:30 PT. Besides the first-half segment on SI, during the second half of the show, you'll have an opportunity to ask Medical Director and Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Croft, your personal mental health questions.

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