Taking Back Our Bodies: Challenging Female Body Image Issues

March 16, 2011 Holly Gray

Female body image issues need a reality update. If you want to take back your body, come meet Carol Bloom and watch body image videos that make you think.

Body image consists of our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about our bodies, how we believe others see our bodies, and how we feel inside our bodies. When we see ourselves accurately, accept the way we look, and feel good about our bodies, we have a positive body image. But many of us, perhaps particularly women and girls, don't like the way we look and struggle daily to meet the unrealistic, impossible demands we place on ourselves. And for some, distorted body image can lead to depression, even eating disorders.

The Women's Therapy Centre Institute (WTCI) in New York City is taking action by acknowledging and valuing the diversity of women and girl's bodies, and challenging the visual culture that fosters female body image issues.

Exploring Female Body Image Issues

3323178919_d834d7f0f1_o1Today on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, we're talking with Carol Bloom, one of the co-founders of the WTCI. We invited her to join us for a frank discussion about female body image issues and how exploring those issues can help women and girls honor their diversity and take back their bodies.

Visit the Endangered Species--Women website for more information on the campaign, and for news and links on female body image issues. Take the body image questionnaire and visit the HealthyPlace Eating Disorders Community.

Video on Female Body Image Issues

Body Image Challenge Video

Share Your Thoughts on Body Image

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Author: Holly Gray

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