Introduction to Kara Lynch, Author of 'Bipolar Griot'

May 22, 2018 Kara Lynch

Kara Lynch Author Bipolar Griot.jpgI am Kara Lynch and I am happy to be joining HealthyPlace as the new author of Bipolar Griot. I'm excited about this journey of sharing tips and tricks for living a successful life as an African American woman with bipolar I disorder. Like anyone fighting mental illness I definitely struggle, but my goal is to continue to grow so that I may be resource and inspiration to other African Americans battling with mental illness.

Kara Lynch Faces Bipolar Disorder

I received my bipolar type I diagnosis at the young age of 22. I had experienced a three-month manic episode. During this time, I was in college and just beginning to chart my own path when I was interrupted by a bout of confusion and delusion. Early on, I dealt with insomnia and I had begun to have issues concentrating on coursework. At the peak of my manic episode, I thought I was someone I was not, I took things that were not mine from family members, and I had no sense of time. Being manic brought everything to a halt because I had to drop out of college and begin recovery. 

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After trying many different medications, I saw a doctor that was finally willing to diagnose me with bipolar disorder. The diagnosis shook me to my very core because it was something that I never thought I would have to deal with. I began medication and the uphill battle began. Some medications would make me drowsy while on others, I was very perky and hyperactive. It wasn't until two years ago, that things began to level out. I decided to stop pursuing my education and I moved back to my small hometown in North Carolina. It was then that I had to find a new mental healthcare provider and she suggested a new bipolar drug. My life was transformed completely. I now work full-time and have great relationships with those I love. I work hard to maintain as much of a routine as possible.

More About Kara Lynch and 'Bipolar Griot'

Whether you have a mental illness and you're looking to find out more about mental illness and how it affects the African American community, I invite you to share the experiences that have shaped me into the woman that I am today. I also look forward to you sharing your experiences.

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Author: Kara Lynch

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May, 23 2018 at 10:40 pm

Hello Kara,
Welcome to the blogging team. I can't wait to hear what all you have to say.
Kellie Jo

Tonya Mills
May, 22 2018 at 2:16 pm

Kara thanks so much for sharing. Please continue to do as God leads you, so you can help others. I enjoyed hearing your story as I learn there is more women facing some of the same issues. I look forward to reading more about your story and what you have learned in order to help others

May, 22 2018 at 6:12 pm

Thank you so much, Tanya. My goal is help others on their mental health journey. Follow me in the coming weeks for more about my journey.

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