Anorexia Video: De-romanticizing Anorexia

In this video on anorexia, adult woman with anorexia discusses how weight loss from an unrelated illness led her to a life with anorexia and her struggle to recover from anorexia.

Anorexia is a serious mental illness which, unfortunately, some people romanticize. In this anorexia video, our guest, HealthyPlace Eating Disorder blogger, Angela Gambrel Lackey, talks about how her life with anorexia started in adulthood and spiralled out of control - to the point she was involved in pro-anorexia websites and thinspiration. Angela's anorexia story begins with an unrelated illness which caused her to lose weight. Friends started telling her how great she looked since losing the weight. Unfortunately, with anorexia, you never know when to stop and Angela got sicker and sicker. She also shares her ongoing battle to recover from anorexia.

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About our guest, Angela Gambrel Lackey

Angela LackeyAngela is a woman on a journey of recovery from anorexia. She is also a writer, a graduate student, a wife and mom to a beautiful cat, Aliena, and a very curious person! Angela writes about her recovery from anorexia from the perspective of someone who developed an eating disorder later in life - at age 41. Learn more about Angela and read her anorexia blog, "Surviving ED" at HealthyPlace and her personal blog "Leaving ED" at

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