Avoid New Year’s Resolutions; Go for a Mental Health Mindset

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Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, which are always broken, what if you thought in terms of a mental health mindset? Read more on HealthyPlace.

Avoid New Year’s Resolutions; Go for a Mental Health Mindset

It’s hard to believe that we’re off and running into 2020. New Year’s resolutions have been made, and there’s a good chance that some have already fallen by the wayside. There’s no shame in breaking resolutions, for the problem isn’t with you but lies with the concept of a New Year’s resolution. What if you thought in terms of a mental health mindset instead?

The Difference Between a New Year’s Resolution and a Mindset

There is a significant difference between a New Year’s resolution and a mental health mindset.  Resolutions tend to be abandoned or simply fade away. Almost everyone associates them with “temporary” and breaking them is nearly expected, which undermines the best of intentions. Often, they are superficial and lack purpose or meaning. Conversely, they can encompass too much and are so big they become overwhelming.

Shifting your perspective can help you achieve your goals for your year. Adopt a mental health mindset to set and achieve your vision for your healthy self. Unlike a resolution, a mindset:

  • Is more than a statement
  • Becomes internalized as a core belief, a perspective that influences your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Is part of who you are
  • Gradually becomes automatic and replaces negative beliefs and bad habits

What is your goal for yourself this year and beyond? Forget resolutions and make it your mental health mindset.

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