Learning To Trust Yourself When You Live With Mental Illness

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Learning To Trust Yourself When You Live With Mental Illness

Learning To Trust Yourself When You Live With Mental Illness

Mental illness wreaks havoc with thoughts, emotions, and behavior. In doing so, mental illness makes it hard for people to trust what's going on inside of them.
In many types of mental illness and personality disorders, thoughts race relentlessly, often with self-doubt and harsh self-criticism (Mental Illness Can Overstimulate Your Brain). Feelings join the tumultuous ride, and commonly they're out of proportion to thoughts and events, either too intense or almost nothing. Are our racing thoughts believable? What about our feelings? Can we trust them enough to act on them? Can we trust our own judgement and intuition? (Bipolar Disorder - Can You Trust What You Feel?) These unrelenting thoughts and feelings can be exhausting.

Learning to trust yourself—your thoughts and your feelings and the correctness of your behaviors—is an important step in becoming mentally healthy and experiencing wellbeing.

  • Learn to pause, to notice thoughts and feelings without judgement.
  • Just be. Don't follow the racing thoughts and wild emotions. Wait to act.
  • Consider what you'd like to do or think or feel, and do it with confidence.
  • When doubts creep in, pause again, and then replace those doubts with truths.

Learning to trust yourself when you live with mental illness is a process. It's a process that moves ever forward and systematically quells self-doubt.

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