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------------------------ was honored with multiple internet health awards in 2016 for providing trusted mental health information. Wins Multiple Awards

HealthyPlace has exciting news to share with our readers. This month, was honored with multiple internet health awards.

Everyone at HealthyPlace values mental health and wellbeing. We firmly believe that every person both deserves and can achieve them. We also know that, too often, things pop into our lives to challenge or even threaten that mental health and wellbeing. This is why HealthyPlace strives every day to provide trusted mental health information to our readers. Armed with reliable, and relatable, information about mental illness and related topics, people can overcome their challenges to live a mentally health life.

For what we do, has received the following honors:

eHealthcare Leadership Awards

  • Gold award for Best Health Content
  • Gold award for Best Social Networking

Digital Health Awards

  • Best Web-Based Digital Health Portal in the Chronic Disease category
  • Best Web-Based Publication: Breaking Bipolar blog by Natasha Tracy
  • Best Web-Based Publication: Creative Schizophrenia blog by Elizabeth Caudy
  • Best Web-Based Publication: Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog by Tanya J. Peterson
  • Best Social Media Award for Facebook and Instagram

Thank you to the eHealthcare Leadership Awards team and the Digital Health Awards team for selecting HealthPlace for these honors. Thank you, too, to our readers for visiting, reading, commentating on, and sharing our mental health information.

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Bipolar Disorder and Friendships

My bipolar depression story really begins in high school. In my late teens, I began to notice my emotional extremes and intense mood swings. My high school experience was great, but certain things happened that prompted my uneasy feelings about my mental health. You can learn more about that in the video.


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Mental Health Quote

"This is one of the most frustrating things about having an anxiety disorder; knowing as you're freaking out that there's no reason to be freaked out. But lacking the ability to shut the emotion down."

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