Mental Health Checklist for Stressful Situations

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Stress interferes with mental health and how we live life. Even though it may be hard, we all have the ability to deal positively with stress, maintain mental health, and move forward. (Take this online stress test to see your level of stress.)

Regardless of what you are facing, use this mental health checklist for stressful situations to help you stay calm when faced with difficulties beyond your control.

  • Are you remembering to turn off your body’s stress reaction? Take several slow, deep breaths to replace your fight-or-flight nervous system response to the calm, rest-and-digest one.
  • Are you focusing on what is important to you? Problems easily dominate our attention, which can make us stuck. Remind yourself of your values and priorities for mental centering in times of stress.
  • Have you identified one small action you can take to move you a step farther away from the problem? Action is empowering, but it can be difficult. Think in terms of small steps toward what you want and pick one thing to work on right away.
  • Are you practicing acceptance of what you can’t control? Accepting what you can’t control doesn’t mean giving up. Letting go of a struggle helps free you to shift your focus and take positive action.
  • Are you paying attention to the present moment? Stress can trap us in anxious thoughts about the past or future. Stay grounded by turning your attention to something positive (or neutral) about your current moment.
  • Are you treating yourself with loving-kindness and respect? Remind yourself that you are dealing with a bad situation the best way you can right now. Identifying what you’re doing right is empowering.

While this mental health checklist for stressful situations won’t automatically solve problems, it will keep you centered and focused so you can choose how to deal with them.

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