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The Pain and Stress of Parenting A Child with Mental Illness

I want to bring your attention to a large group of mental health heroes: PARENTS; specifically parents of children with a mental illness. It is a monumental job caring for a child with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ocd, depression or any serious mental illness. Not only are there the normal family, job and childcare tasks, now add in continually educating yourself about the illness and treatments, constant doctor visits, calls to and from school, behavior problems to deal with on an almost daily basis, and the list goes on. And I want to add an important thing here: most of these parents fight the battle alone - against family members who call them lousy parents, doctors who tell them they're exaggerating symptoms and behaviors, school officials who want "that kid" out of "their school," and friends/family/the general public who are outraged upon discovering the child is receiving psychiatric medications.

One representative of this group of mental health heroes is our own Angela McClanahan, author of the award-winning "Life with Bob" blog on and mother to a 10 year old son with bipolar disorder and ADHD. A week or so ago, Angela wrote this piece on what feels like a no-win situation: Child’s Mental Illness Can Make Your Marriage Sick, Too. Please take a moment to read that article and listen to the accompanying audio towards the bottom of the page.

There are two comments on the page. What is not represented are the 23 emails we received from parents who, to varying degrees, find themselves dealing with the same or similar issues as Angela. I promise you that each one of those emails would bring tears to your eyes and hearts.

I'm a good parent. These parents trying to do the very best they can for their child under difficult and for most, way less than optimum circumstances, are heroes.

More Standout "Life with Bob" Articles

You can find all of Angela's articles broken into topic categories or by date along the left side of the page. If you're a parent of a child with mental illness, maybe feeling alone in your struggles, read them. I know you'll relate.

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A warm welcome to our new blogger, Deltra Coyne, author of the "Relationships and Mental Illness" blog. She'll be talking about all sorts of relationships. Here, I'll let her tell you about the blog.

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On our New Member Introductions Forum, azriel7878 says: "I have a son with Bipolar Disorder, ODD and possibly ASD. In the past 6 months, his mood and behavior have become well, out of control. I am in danger of losing our house, my car and my bills are all behind. My therapist accused me of either having an eating disorder or being on drugs. I felt completely betrayed. How do I cope with being completely overwhelmed?" Sign into the forums and share your thoughts and comments.

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