Should You Tell People You Have A Mental Illness?

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Telling Someone You Have A Mental Illness

Over the last two months, our bloggers have written several articles on whether or not to disclose you have a mental illness.

To be sure, it's a popular question we get from people coming to the website. And it's not an easy one to answer.

It seems many of you are worried about the ramifications of disclosing your depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder to your employer or fellow employees. It's a tough decision; one that weighs heavily on the mind. Peace of mind vs. keeping a big secret. Maybe you need workplace accommodations? Oh sure! There are laws in place to protect you from job discrimination, but we know how employers can get around that.

Many also want to be honest and share their mental illness with family members and loved ones, hoping they'll be accepting and supportive. There are many kind people out there who will be. There are also many who won't be or aren't ready to be.

So should you tell people about your mental illness? I don't have an answer. I guess it just depends on what your needs are and if you're ready to accept the good or bad results that may stem from your disclosure. We all know the bad results (Read: "The Price of Being Bipolar in Public" and "Bipolar as Love Thief"). I'd like to hear from people who are glad they told someone about their mental illness. How about calling our "Share Your Mental Health Experiences" line, 1-888-883-8045? Tell us who you told and why, how you did it and how things turned out. It would be helpful to many people.

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Articles on Talking About Your Mental Illness with Others

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I want to introduce you to two new bloggers, Alistair McHarg and Natalie Jean Champagne. Alistair is writing a mental health humor blog titled "Funny in the Head". Make sure to check out the video on his welcome page for a preview of what's ahead. Natalie, whose book "The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness" is coming out soon, will be talking about the concept and practice of recovery from all types of mental health disorders.

Your comments and observations are welcomed.

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Your Thoughts: From the HealthyPlace Forums and Chat

On our Alternative Mental Health Forum Forum, kfe1ef is asking if anyone has any ideas for stopping the nightmares. "I have day dreams often about horrible things like being raped, beaten, killed, my daughter dying in different situations. Every time, I end up balling in tears from them." Sign into the forums and share your thoughts and comments.

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