Stop Focusing on Negative Situations

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Stop Focusing on Negative Situations

Stop Focusing on Negative SituationsDo you continually focus on negative situations? Is every word, action and behavior absorbed and dissected without thought?

Out of fear, many who struggle with anxiety, paranoia and depression tend to dissect the behaviors and words of others more intensely. Those with mental illness fear being hurt and when the words or body language of others gives off the slightest hint of negativity, the mind tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. (How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think). The puzzle may not have anything to do with them, but with high anxiety and paranoia in play, they believe that any negative body language must involve them in some way.

Why the Focus on the Negative?

When it comes to focusing on the negative, most aren't seeing the situation clearly. Negative beliefs beget negative thoughts. (Stop All-Consuming Negative Thoughts with the G.L.A.D. Technique). If you go into a situation with confidence, you are more likely to receive a positive result. The articles below contain ideas on how to do that.

It is not easy to ignore judgmental stares and to push away whispers, but the most important point of action is to give off positivity, so those around you can absorb those feelings.

Articles Related to Self-Esteem and Confidence

Your Thoughts

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