Transitioning Back to School with ADHD

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For ADHD kids, heading back to school from summer vacation can be a difficult transition. Get tips for helping your child with ADHD on HealthyPlace.

Transitioning Back to School with ADHD

School is back in session. While it can be difficult for anyone to end summer routines and transition into school-year mode, this change can be especially hard for children and teens with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

In ADHD, the brain processes things differently. As a result, someone with ADHD might find it difficult to change from one thing to the next. The transition from summer break to a new school year is one that can be especially difficult. Schedules and routines change abruptly, which can throw off kids with ADHD. Further, activities are different, kids around them are different, the classroom is different from last year. This, coupled with new transitions within each day, can make kids and teens become overwhelmed.

ADHD doesn’t mean that people can’t adjust. It just means that doing so is more challenging. Help kids with ADHD channel their attention and thrive with these tips:

  • Establish a routine that they can rely on
  • Provide structure, consistent schedules, and predictability
  • Work with them to create a special space to do homework, keep important school papers, and even relax while waiting to leave for school and returning home

Working with your child or teen to create a new routine and environment they can rely on will help them transition well even with ADHD.

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