The Secret to Solving ALL Your Problems!

I have experienced the pain of "not knowing!" Sometimes I think I must be the King of Anxiety! With anxiety, "self-doubt" surfaces. That's when I am thankful for experience. My experience tells me that there is always something good in what I may perceive as bad. I am learning to not stay stuck in anxiety and self-doubt.

The Secret to Solving ALL Your Problems!I have discovered that anxiety is my friend. It calls attention to the options I have open; to the new choices that are available to me.

If it weren't for my commitment to always be the best I can be, I would sometimes rather die than have a concern about, "Now that I have momentum, can I really pull this off? Can I reach this next plateau? Do I have what it takes? Can I keep pace with the changes that are occurring?" I often wonder what life will be like when I reach my new objectives. . .that is, if I reach my objectives.

I hear this little voice say, "You never stayed with anything this great before, what makes you think you can hang in there this time?"

That's when, without hesitation, I say to that little voice, and I stress "little" voice, "What do you know? You're so busy being little, that you never have time to think about anything but discouraging words! How could you ever believe that I could do it when you, my little and no longer significant voice, never believed in yourself enough to ever imagine that there ever could be anything like an opportunity called 'achievement'!"

Then I get to choose all over again. I choose to achieve! I choose to do what I've never done before! I choose to be with the pain of changing! The rewards are worth it! I know that what you can be with in life, lets you be!

I am convinced that I am bigger than my biggest problem! I never disguise problems as opportunities! Problems are problems. I acknowledge them and move on with great vigor to meet the opportunity the problems present! I rise to the occasion! I choose to think only about becoming; about becoming the best I can be!

"Why?" "I'll tell you why!"

Because of my commitment, I am who I am today and I'm the only one who knows that today is much better than yesterday. Living right now, experiencing the moment, being in the present is what fires my soul! I've tasted success, albeit in small bites. You don't have to have a big bite of something that good to know that you want more. Success is much more satisfying than failure! I will never, never quit. It's a stand I would die for. I am who I am today because of yesterdays thoughts and actions and tomorrow I'll be even better.

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This kind of thinking inspires me! It gets my energy focused on my purpose again! It helps me feel younger, like a kid again. Kids have fun! I am having fun with life and life is having fun with me! I am being good to life and life is being good to me! Now. . . "What was all this about the pain of 'not knowing'?"

I am grateful for what I do know. I know that there is a truth that sets me free. I also know that truth never changes. It just is.

What's the secret?

YOU are the voice! What you say goes. You are in charge here. Think and speak only of what you want. Your past is before you. It is created individually by you today. You alone have the choice to make it one you can live with!

If you think you have to have an answer to all of your problems, ask yourself, "What if this IS the answer?"

Truth is truth, no matter who believes it!

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