Bonus Chapters

LEARN HOW TO HELP your friends when something is troubling them, find out whether the optimists or pessimists have the best argument, learn how to keep yourself from experiencing negative moods, and discover Jimmy Yen's secret of success, all in the chapters from future books below. Enjoy!

The Bad News About Bad News As one researcher put it, reading about Clinton's sex life, or watching OJ's trial is not appropriate stress for a healthy mammal.

Facts About News What does the watching the news do to your state of mind? Find out here.

A Friend in Deed What can you do to help a person who is in the midst of troubling circumstances.

Conversation on Optimism Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Research in the last thirty years has been able to answer this question.

Thoughtical Illusions Just as we learn from optical illusions that all human brains tend to have the same perceptual limitations, we have also found that all human brains make the same kinds of mistakes in their thinking.

Interpretations We don't simply perceive the world, we interpret it, and those interpretations, while our own creation, can victimize us. Learn to take more control of the way you interpret your world.

Recommended Reading At the end of our first book (as yet unpublished), we have a list of books we recommend. Here it is.

Are You the One? History shows very clearly that individual people with their individual efforts guide the destiny of the human race, and now guide the future of planet earth. What part will you play in this unfolding drama?

The Secret of Jimmy Yen He was voted one of the top ten Modern Revolutionaries of the Twentieth Century by a jury of distinguished scholars and scientists, including Albert Einstein and Orville Wright. Who was he?

A Bearable Lightness of Being What is the source of heaviness in life? How can a sense of lightness be restored without being silly?

Everything Goes Better With Relaxation Social gatherings, family crises, work, conversations with your children, play, sex, and on and on. Everything goes better with relaxation.

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