Dating An Older Guy

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What's the big deal? In some cases, it's no big deal. But lots of times, older people go out with much younger ones so they can control the relationship. It makes them feel more powerful.

Older guys, especially, tend to have more experience, more "prestige" and more money. This can give them an unfair advantage over younger, teen girls, who have neither. That might show up as your older boyfriend always deciding where you go and what you do. It can also mean pressuring you to have sex.

Problems also crop up if the older person - who can be male or female - stops you from hanging out with friends your own age. That can get in the way of the normal process of growing from a teen to an adult.

If your relationship is sexual, you need to check the laws about sex with minors in your state. Your boyfriend could be charged with statutory rape. In nearly all states, it is illegal for anyone over 18 - male or female - to have sex with someone under 16. So, he could be sent to jail for it, even if you say you agreed to have sex.

Each relationship is different. Not all different-age relationships are bad. But you're young and you should be careful. If your friends or family are worried about your relationship, you'd be smart to listen.

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