More Sex Truths About Men: Lust and Lucky

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A man often feels in love when he is really only in lust. He then declares this lust-love too early in the relationship for the woman involved. What does this quick declaration of love (lust) accomplish? It scares the woman rather than enhancing the budding relationship. The woman fears any man who could fall in love that quickly will be just as quick to fall out of love.

One man told me he always starts a date by deciding if he just wants a roll in the hay or if he is interested in a little longer relationship. This decision determines his actions.

Men can easily engage in sex without love or commitment. "Getting lucky" is considered a desirable state by men. It often doesn't even matter who they "get lucky" with.

Since men use sex as the road to make an emotional connection as well as totally divorcing sex from emotional connections, and women use emotional connections as the road to sex, some serious translating is needed when it comes to sex in our society.


Both men and women should remember this: when you feel you are right and he/she is wrong, and you degrade the other person for his/her feelings about sex, you block almost any chance of forming an intimate relationship with the opposite sex.

Women can take comfort in the fact that men act in stereotype, masculine ways to feel more secure about their masculinity. They do not act in masculine ways merely to frustrate women.

One thing men don't handle too well is rejection. I'm talking sexual rejection.



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