Schizoaffective Disorder in My Family - Video

A diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder is rare, but it is one of the most challenging disorders to live with. For the person who suffers of schizoaffective, and the family and friends around.

If someone in your family suffers of schizoaffective disorder, you and your family, no doubt, are facing challenges, emotions and concerns about schizoaffective disorder. Susan Inman, our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, talks about her own experience with her daughter ´s schizoaffective disorder.

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About Susan Inman

Susan Inman

Susan is a 60-year old secondary school English teacher, mother of two daughters. Her younger daughter suffers from schizoaffective disorder since she was fifteen. Susan has written numerous articles on topics related to serious mental illnesses. She is currently vice-chair of the Family Advisory Committee (FAC) of Vancouver Coastal Mental Health Services (VCMHS).

Susan is the author of After Her Brain Broke, Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity, where she describes the long process to help her daughter rebuild her life. You can read more about Susan and her book here:

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