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Here's my story as victim and survivor of child abuse. Holly Marshall

My Personal Mission Statement

Things I cannot control, I shall never understand.
Thoughts running through my mind of one thing only,
of you, the survivors and victims, so frightened, so lonely.

The Devil himself came forth that day,
to take your lives with his selfish play.
And now you sit next to God our Father,
watching down on all who gather.

Your smiles our light to live each day,
remembering the good before you were taken away.
So innocent, so sweet, victims of greed.
Your lives were lost or not long at all, so I'll live mine for you.
I'll be happy like you'd want me to be.
I'll watch over all that I love.
Knowing my Angels will be watching from above.

Many people's lives you've touched,
I now can only offer this hope my heart crushed.
I am sorry that you had to keep it hidden,
I bear in mind to keep in un-hidden!

It is my mission that God gave to me.
So think, those beautiful smiles and dancing eyes
will remain with all forever.

-Holli Marshall

(My dedication to those who have come before me, after me, and the ones that perished along the way: I intend to not stop short of ending the cycle of child abuse! Please join my "Mint Green Ribbon Campaign to Heighten Awareness of Abuse Issues.".)


Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy

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