Self Injury Test

Take this self-injury test. Examine your mind and why you feel the need to self-injure.

Self-Injury Test Questions

If you feel the need to self-injure, try asking yourself these questions first. Write them down so you can refer to them later and really analyze your reasoning.

  • Why do I self-harm? Why do I feel I must self-injure? What has driven me to cut, burn, etc.?
  • Have I done this before? How did I cope then? Did I feel the same way?
  • What other paths have I pursued to ease my pain before now? Is there something else I can do, a self-harm alternative, that won't hurt?
  • How am I feeling now?
  • How will I feel later, when I am self-injuring?
  • How will I feel afterward? How will I feel tomorrow morning?
  • Can I avoid the problem that has driven me to this point? Is there a better way I can handle it next time?
  • Must I self-injure?

If you'd like, print out this self-injury test and your answers and share them with your doctor or therapist. Your insights into why you self-injure and how you feel about self-injury could prove very helpful in your self-injury treatment and recovery.

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