Survivors of Childhood Abuse Video

In this child sexual abuse video, adult survivor, Diane Champe, discusses the traumatic impact child sexual abuse has later in life.

For 21 years, Diane Champe was isolated by her parents and mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused. "I was so brutally traumatized that I was covered from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet with hives and the pupils in my eyes were usually dilated." Diane is now 58 and has been through 23 years of therapy, 5 psychiatric hospitalizations, a divorce, a lawsuit against the company that fired her and after all that, she says: "I'm a winner."

In this abuse video interview, Ms. Champe discusses her experience with the devastating effects of childhood abuse on her adult life. Watch Diane Champe, our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, as she discusses her struggle to survive childhood abuse.

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About Diane Champe, Our Guest in this Child Abuse Video

Diane ChampeDiane was abused by her parents, the abuse continued until she was 21, when she decided to make the best of herself. She shut off  her emotions and became a very successful business woman. Diane now manages a website called We Are Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect to provide a national platform to discuss the core issues that impact the lives of tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect. Visit Diane's website here:

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