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Every once and awhile, it's helpful to laugh at the situation you are in. After all, it's not your child's, or your fault. It just is.

You know you are the parent of an ADHD child when:

  • You wake up in the morning and your heart sinks when you realize "this is not a bad dream."
  • No less than 86% of your hair is completely gray...and you are only 27 years old.
  • Everything in your house is either broke, or at least on it's last legs.
  • You look ten years older than you actually are...through sheer exhaustion.
  • You feel apprehensive eare nagging to stop at every McDonalds, garage, and sweet shop you pass. Incessantly, the chvery time you get in your car. The children are trying to climb out of the doors while the car is moving, the children keep trying to pull the handbrake on while you are driving, the childrenildren are crying again because you won't allow them to take the front dashboard off the car.
  • When it gets to three p.m. - school time is over, you feel like your life has ended again for that day.
  • You are often to be heard saying, "He must have picked it up in the playground," as your child demonstrates his knowledge of the latest swearword, very loudly in the middle of the shopping center.
  • You know every crack in the ceiling and pattern on the walls of your child's headteacher's office because you have spent so long in there over the years.
  • You know the ADHD diagnostic criteria by heart, and can recite it...backwards!

You know you are an ADD/ADHD sufferer when:

  • You've lost your keys again, and that's the fifth time today!

  • This is the third time this month that you've set the stove on fire because you keep forgetting you've started to cook.

  • You have just read the same paragraph of the book you are reading seventeen times...and you still haven't got the gist of the story.

  • You go into the other room to get something. "Now what was it ?!?!?"

  • You have a cigarette in one hand and a double brandy in the other...often.

  • Your TV remote handset is completely worn out from too much channel hopping.

  • Waiting in this queue is driving you completely insane.

  • You have just sent off your resume for a new job. The tenth new job in six months!

  • You have just forgotten what you were going to say, a split second before you were going to say it.

  • Your spouse tells you off again for distracting them from the telly with your finger- drumming or toe-waggling.

  • You wish the person you are talking to would JUST GET TO THE POINT.

  • Your darling husband asks "Was that OK for you?" and you reply "Was what OK?"

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