Good Things About Being ADHD


  • Find here a list of positive things about being add / adhd.Are highly motivated, persistent, and stimulated by many of the intellectual challenges, which are beyond the average person.

  • Can be spontaneous, imaginative, creative, a little eccentric and able to express ourselves in the most unique ways.

  • Make great scientists, artists, actors and entrepreneurs.

  • Are often bursting with high energy and able to meet and beat challenges with zeal.

  • Become stimulated by intrigue and inspired by the novelty involved in change.

  • Can be keen observers, with an ability to find quick solutions to situations many mere mortals find complicated.

  • Are very resourceful, and can devise ingenious means of accomplishing things.

  • Think laterally and solve problems in very distinctive ways.

  • Can juggle many balls in the air at once, and think about lots of different things at the same time.

  • Are humorous, often with a keen wit and an ability or talent to make others laugh too.

  • Can be extremely diligent with a never-say-die approach to life's problems.

  • Are not afraid to take risks, often seeing risk-taking as a form of stimulation.

And our children, can be kind, thoughtful and often enjoy doing things for other people.

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