Natural Alternatives: Low Phosphate Diet, Magnets For Treating ADHD

Parents share stories of how a low phosphate diet and magnet therapy work to help their child's ADHD symptoms.

Low Phosphate Diet

Richard from Australia wrote saying:
"My colleague and I have recently launched an important new ADD web site. It is about German research into ADD which goes back some twenty years but has until now been almost completely unknown in the English-speaking world.

The information has benefited thousands of families in Europe. Very many have found it makes the use of stimulant medication unnecessary and gives better results. More than 70,000 copies of the book we introduce have been sold in German - which makes it a 'best seller' many times over.

Full and carefully targeted information is available on our new web site at:"

Here is an extract from the site:

"We describe the important discovery of German research pharmacist Hertha Hafer, largely unknown in the English-speaking world. She discovered that excess dietary phosphate triggered her son's ADD. Phosphate is a very common and versatile food additive today; its use by food manufacturers and processors has increased enormously over the last fifty years, in parallel with the explosion of ADD/ADHD in the developed countries.

A low phosphate diet led to dramatic improvements in her son's behaviour, well-being and school performance, making medication unnecessary. Her family's ADD problem was resolved and her son had no further problems as long as he avoided high phosphate foods.

For over twenty years thousands of families in Europe have been following her recommendations and have been rewarded with normal, manageable, lovable, sometimes highly performing children. This site is for adults affected by ADD/ADHD too."

Magnets and Far Infar Red

Simone from Florida USA wrote saying....
"Dear Simon,

I have got an ADHD child 9 years of age. I've read through your article and I have to say that I agree with you that not a lot is known about the side effects of these drugs given to these kids. My experience with them are limited to Ritalin and Adderall. I have to tell you I was not impressed with either.

Against the wishes of my husband, to the point of having very HEATED arguments with him, I got our son these meds hoping they would work. I was desparate to try anything to have my son function at "normal" level. While my son is not destructive, he was being disruptive to his peers because he was always moving and wanting to play. I found these drugs did no more than just what they are; drug him. This, while calming his physical symptoms, had no effect on his ability to focus. I took him off the meds and was to the point of home schooling. I was fortunate enough to have been directed to a charter school in his school district that teaches only children with ADHD.

Since being there, our son was chosen as one of 3 kids to participate in an experiment involving Magnets and Far Infar Red. We were so pleased with the results, my husband and I have become distributors and are busy telling all who are willing to listen about these non-invasive and drugless products that can help others. While we are not claiming these products to be medical devices, we believe them to be an alternative to these drugs.

As you stated in your article, sleep deprivation has been shown to have an effect and even more pronouncement of these symptoms expressed by these children.

One of these magnetic products I mentioned is a sleep system. It is a mattress pad with magnets that are dispersed and secured. There is also a comforter that is made with the FIR ceramics which is floated into the fabric of the comforter. It was to my delight that I found these products had a very positive effect on my son.

My objective is to introduce you to a product that has been my experience and that of others to be helpful to those children.

Ed. Note: Please remember, we do not endorse any treatments and strongly advise you to check with your doctor before using, stopping or changing any treatment


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