Does an Anxiety Cure Exist? Cures for Anxiety

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Ever wonder if you can cure anxiety yourself? Most everyone knows that anxiety can help you take action and solve a problem, work hard on a project, or study for an exam; but what about anxiety that's gotten out of hand? Intense, unfounded fears and doubts do the opposite – they destroy motivation and paralyze your resolve to take action. If your constant worrying and preoccupation with the "worst possible outcomes" has begun to take over your life, you need to take steps now to cure anxiety that saps your joy and controls your life.

Cure Anxiety Without Medications

The problem with many supposed anxiety cures, like traditional anxiety treatments or natural remedies for anxiety, is that most of them come in a bottle, cost a good amount of money, and can result in some awful side effects. Of course, you could go to a therapist and attend numerous sessions based on psychotherapeutic techniques for curing anxiety. While very effective, you don't need these unless you have a full-blown, debilitating anxiety disorder diagnosed by a mental health professional.

Do Effective Cures for Anxiety Exist?

Alternative cures for anxiety do exist. You can purchase one of many self-help guides from highly regarded professionals and life coaches to help manage and eventually, cure your anxiety. Check out these reasonably priced self-help guides:

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (5th Ed.) by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, and Matthew McKay

This guide is actually a comprehensive workbook with instructions on how to relax and manage stress, inducing breathing, meditation, worry control, and nutrition and exercise. Davis, et al, have included numerous self-assessment tools and calming strategies to help people overcome their anxieties and build healthier lifestyles.

The Worry Cure by Robert Leahy, Ph.D

Seven steps to stop worry from stopping you. According to the publisher, Leahy presents systematic strategies and techniques to help those dealing with debilitating anxiety overcome and cope with life's uncertainties in healthier ways.

Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life by Martha Davis, Ph.D, Patrick Fanning, and Matthew McKay, Ph.D.

This book contains a variety of proven methods and strategies for dealing with numerous psychological issues that affect mood and quality of life, including relentless anxiety and worry.

Women Who Worry Too Much by Holly Hazlett-Stevens

Women are more likely than men to suffer from debilitating anxiety and persistent worry. Researchers attribute this to a number of cultural, biological, and psychological factors. Written especially for women, this guide focuses on helping readers a more realistic perception of threats and to stop worrying about unlikely outcomes to uncertainties. Its strategies include techniques for monitoring triggers of personal worries and breaking worry-provoking habits.

Other Ways to Cure Anxiety

Another of the ways to cure anxiety includes hiring an anxiety coach. While more expensive than using one of the many self-help guides available, most are less expensive than traditional psychotherapy and are certainly safer than long-term medication use. Many anxiety coaches include nutrition, fitness, and parenting counseling along with their core anxiety-busting strategies.

One popular anxiety coach, Dr. Neal Olshan, has created an application that works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app, aptly called "Boost", helps users to break the cycle of anxiety and assists them in overcoming their greatest fears. You can even email the doctor directly from the app to request a custom Boost version, especially for your specific needs.

Curing Anxiety Requires Persistence

Curing anxiety won't happen over night. You've got to want it and go for it with persistence. No one said it better than the late, great Winston Churchill when he said, "Never, never, never, never give up." That's right friends. Take a page right out of Prime Minister Churchill's book of success and keep at it until you make it.

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