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Supporting Someone with Bipolar - For Family and Friends

bipolar-articles-42-healthyplace"I was a bipolar kid and now I'm in college. When I was manic as a kid, I'd read. I bet a lot of you kids can learn to read or do math and become really smart.

I could read at a college level when I was in 3rd grade and my sister was first thought to be a math genius. Both of us had crippling learning disorders. Research is a popular field for people who are bipolar.

Did you know they think Einstein had it? Almost all great poets and philosophers had it too. Musicians and movie stars are disproportionately bipolar as well.

Realize that you are special. As a history major, I'll tell you this tidbit. In the ancient Celtic world and the lands of Parthia and Eastern Chaldea, bipolars were a separate caste, they were the Magi and Druids. Remember, the Magi are also called Wise men.

You children will be natural philosophers or, as I'm sure some of you have learned in Greek history, 'lovers of wisdom.'

p.s. It can also make you grow up to be really cute."

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