I'm Only Mostly Organized Because of Adult ADHD

March 23, 2010 Douglas Cootey

I'm mostly organized despite my adult ADHD, so why is life still co complicated? Here's why, and I'll just say not to take yourself too seriously. Read this.

Sometimes I wonder why they work with me. Who? Well, it's me we're talking about here, so it could be anybody. But today I'm referring to a magazine I'm writing articles for. I'm so disorganized. I seem to mess up paperwork on them every time. Can you relate with being so disorganized you lose important papers?

I'm Organized--Really, I am! Well, Mostly Organized

I like to think I'm organized because I usually am. I have certain places for bills, certain places for my eye glasses and wallet, certain places for my Boredom Survival Kitâ„¢, certain places for pens, junk mail, and everything else in my life. Having four children, and their resultant chaos, probably saves me from a sad, sorry, but fastidious existence. And then my brain does something.

by Ssmallfry on flikrOh, I don't mean to put the milk away in the cupboard. In fact, I don't do that anymore. (I stop myself halfway there.) And I don't intend to leave my wallet in the car, then spend 30 minutes filling a shopping cart with dozens of items I cannot pay for. (I haven't saved myself from that one, yet). I have every intention to fill out and mail in that form. I set alarms. Write myself notes. Too bad I don't paste the blasted thing to my hand because upon the chimed hour the form is usually nowhere to be found.

I am therefore mostly organized. Especially with small, inconsequential things. Yes, indeed, you should see my receipt folder. 'Tis a work of beauty. But did I remember to put in the receipt for the latest thingamabob that we now need to return? Not likely.

Being Mostly Organized Can Be Embarrassing for Adults with ADHD

I created an absolute fiasco while negotiating my first published magazine article. I did things like negotiate for certain rights, then mailed the contract back all signed without amending the rights I had fought for. The publisher was kind enough to mail it back. Embarrassing.

Now I have a new contract. Not only did I forget to check my PO box, prompting them to email me to move the process along, but I then lost the contract. After several days of cleaning piles and fretting, the contract was exposed to the light of day. Huzzah!

That was three days ago.

No, the contract hasn't been mailed in yet. I made a to-do list item for it, but then forgot to refer to my to-do list. It's a simple mistake. Anybody with a liquefied brain could have done it.

I May Be Only Mostly Organized, but I'm Trying

In all seriousness, I have this article to finish and some work on my novel to complete, as well as the contract to go over. It's a backlog of very important to-dos. What a shame Castle's got a new episode Monday night. I have decided to NOT let myself watch said episode until my work is done. I have two hours. To make sure this sticks, I have told my wife.

Motivation helps override adult ADHD. It gives us focus. If we cannot find the motivation internally, then it helps to have a support group to provide external structure. I'm going to tackle tonight's backlog by using a little bit of both. Now if only motivated focus could help me stop forgetting where I put things.

Has anybody seen my contract?

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Author: Douglas Cootey

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