ADHD Videos

Lots of folks have memory issues, but none with as much daily flare as adults with ADHD. If we're not getting on the wrong bus or heading east from Cape Cod to get to California, we're confusing meeting times AND places several times in a row. It's almost like we're wired to get fired.
In my final video for HealthyPlace, I give definitive proof that I have ADHD and that hyper-focus can be an embarrassing thing.
If you struggle with ADHD and insomnia, then you may be able to relate to my pain. I'm a raving night zombie, but I've come up with a plan to help me break the chain. Now, if only I would follow it.
Ever feel like the proverbial caged animal? Adults with ADHD sometimes have excess energy that is bursting to get out. That would be the hyperactive component of ADHD at play. Winter is especially hard for me because I can't get out for a bike ride, my favorite activity to release pent up energy. What do you do to burn off excess energy and find calm in the storm within your mind?
Adults with ADHD often have anger issues, and nothing brings them steaming to the surface like lousy traffic. In a follow-up to my blog on anger management and driving, I show Bug Out Bob in action and talk about different techniques to help manage road rage.
After two weeks of viral fun, I finally emerge into the sunlight slightly pudgy and pasty, but ready to introduce myself to the world in my first YouTube video. It’s not bad enough to go viral, but gosh! It’s not good.