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October 28, 2013 Anthony D'Aconti

Welcome to the Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog!

I'm Anthony D'Aconti, the Founder of Breathe Into the Bag, an anxiety magazine created to help people struggling with all types of anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and PTSD. I'm proud to join the Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog and hope that by sharing my experiences and expertise, I'll be able to help you with your anxiety challenges.

My Anxiety History

Anthony D'Aconti, author of the Anxiety-Schmanxiety BlogI was diagnosed with chronic depression and clinical anxiety in 2002 (Relationship Between Depression and Anxiety). I blog with a strong sense of passion and empathy. My goal is to help every reader of the Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog develop the tools required to overcome anxiety and to find a silver lining filled with acceptance, self-compassion, peace of mind and lasting happiness.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is the term we use to describe feelings of excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension and worry. The most common symptoms of anxiety not only affect the way we feel and behave but also manifest as real physical symptoms. The truth is that everyone experiences anxiety. We all worry and experience some level of fear about life challenges including tests, recitals and job interviews. Anxiety is both vague and unsettling but usually subsides at the end of the anxiety-provoking situation, which makes it normal. It is not until a person is unable to sleep or otherwise function due to anxiety that a problem exists.

Ultimately, anxiety occurs when a reaction is out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation. Perhaps anxiety has caused you to react time and time again to the same stressful situation, leaving you in a perpetual cycle of worry, fear and apprehension. I'm here to help you get out of the rut.

Anxiety Video: What Does "Anxiety-Schmanxiety" Mean?

In this anxiety video, I discuss what "Anxiety-Schmanxiety" means to me.

Knowledge is Power

I'm a firm believer in the credo that knowledge is power. A clear understanding of anxiety helped me overcome my symptoms and regain control over my professional and personal life. Through the Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog, my aim is to teach you the truth about anxiety - including how it manifests in the mind, body and spirit - so that you can identify the problem and work to correct it. You wouldn’t travel across the country without a map, just as you shouldn’t expect to overcome anxiety without a guide. I hope to be your guide towards a healthier, happier life.

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Author: Anthony D'Aconti

October, 29 2013 at 10:00 pm

What an ingenious name and concept. This type of first hand experience will help many suffering with anxiety enormously. "Breathe in the Bag" will be such a valuable resource to this generation of computer savy, yet socially inept people. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more hands on videos. Thank you, Anthony for your openness and honesty and transparency. People need to know that they are not alone.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Anthony D'Aconti
October, 30 2013 at 3:21 pm

Thank you for the kind words. Breathe Into the Bag is definitely targeted to a niche audience but so is the Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog! Our goal is to help people realize that no one is alone in the struggle against anxiety. Please come back and join us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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