How to Deal with the Urge to Binge Eat

April 19, 2017 Grace Bialka

When the urge to binge comes up it may be hard to combat it. Here I share steps to help get through the urge to act on binging behaviors.

We need to learn how to deal with the urge to binge eat -- even if we haven't binged in years. When the urge to binge arrives, we may feel like our only choice is to give in. Here's the good news, we have a choice. We can choose not to act on binging behaviors. Here are some tips to help deal with the urge to binge eat head on.

Steps to Deal with an Urge to Binge Eat

1. Reach out. If you don't know how to deal with the urge to binge eat, first and foremost, tell someone. This will hold you accountable for your actions as well as provide you with support to get through these challenging moments.

There may, however, be times when a support person cannot be reached. Do not panic. You can combat this binge on your own. You hold enough strength inside.

2. Relocate. Changing your surroundings can be a big help when the urge to binge eat comes up. This will probably be the last thing you feel like doing, but I promise it is one of the most helpful things. When we leave the presence of the things that are triggering us, we are much more able to move past these challenging feelings and not give into behaviors.

3. Use coping skills. There are endless amounts of coping skills that can teach you how to deal with the urge to binge eat. Some may work for you. Others may not be so helpful. Some of my favorites include focusing on breath, journaling, movement, and art.

Using coping skills will help you to calm down and ease your anxiety. It will also aid in identifying your trigger and the emotions around wanting to binge. When we are able to pinpoint where these urges come from, we can better know how to get through them.

4. Develop a plan of action. During a time when you do not want to act out on behaviors, develop a plan of what you will do when those conflicting moments show themselves. Who will you call? Where can you go? What coping skills will you use for each emotion that may come up?

Having this plan posted somewhere in your home where it can easily be seen and accessed is a really great way to feel safe. It may take some time to get yourself to follow the plan and not act on your binging behaviors but writing it out is the first step.

For me, even after being aware of what would aid me in stopping my binging, it took time before I was actually able to act and use the skills I had learned (Using Coping Skills In Eating Disorder Recovery). I don't say this to discourage you. I say this because defeating an eating disorder is hard work. Most of the time, recovery comes in baby steps and anything you can do to get yourself closer to recovery is absolutely wonderful.

Learning How to Deal with the Urge to Binge Eat Is Possible

Don't give up. Make a safety plan that involves the coping skills that are helpful to you (Binge Eating Coping Skills). Remember, you do not have to binge. The urges may seem irresistible but they will pass. You possess even more strength than you are aware of and are fully capable of getting through these times.

Stay strong.

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Author: Grace Bialka

Grace Bialka is a dance teacher and blogger in the Chicago suburbs. She graduated with a BA in dance from Western Michigan University. Grace has lived with an eating disorder and depression since the age of 14. She began writing in hopes of spreading awareness about eating disorders and mental illness. She firmly believes in the healing power of movement. Find Grace on TwitterFacebook, and her personal blog.

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