Introduction to Radhika Lakshmanan, Author of 'Binge Eating Recovery'

May 2, 2024 Radhika Lakshmanan

My name is Radhika Lakshmanan. I am excited to join the Binge Eating Recovery blog and share my story about my recovery from binge eating disorder. I developed binge eating disorder during my first job, where I struggled with depression, anxiety, and binge eating. I had unresolved past traumas from childhood due to growing up in a physically and emotionally abusive family.

Mental Health at My First Job -- I Started Binge Eating

My first job was in a hospital, and it was extremely stressful; I often worked more than 24 hours and experienced constant bullying, which made it challenging to sleep well and have peace of mind. I started binge eating and gained a lot of weight. Food became my only stress buster, and I would eat until I felt very full. However, after eating, I would constantly feel shame and guilt.

Radhika Lakshmanan Recovers from Binge Eating Disorder

When I gained weight, the bullying at work became worse. So, I changed my career to the corporate field and managed to get better sleep and peace of mind. Healthy food, good sleep, proper exercise, and meditation helped me to heal myself. I also underwent cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy to heal my past emotional trauma.

Today, I am free from binge eating disorder and living a peaceful and joyful life. I can choose a healthy diet and eat mindfully. I cope beautifully with stress without binge eating. My healing journey inspired me to become a subconscious transformational coach, a CBT practitioner, a spiritual life coach, and a certified hypnotherapist who helps people heal from their subconscious limited patterns and emotional disorders.

For about me and my quest to increase mental health awareness, watch this:

I am delighted to work at HealthyPlace and write on the Binge Eating Recovery blog. I look forward to meeting more people with similar issues and inspiring them to look at binge eating disorder from a different perspective. I hope to inspire them to have an emotionally fulfilling, healthy life.

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