Softening the Impact of Borderline PD Triggers

February 6, 2024 Karen Mae Vister

Softening the impact of borderline personality disorder (BPD) triggers means creating a buffer against the onslaught of emotional turbulence. For instance, rather than succumbing to impulses, I channel my energy into soothing activities like taking a warm bath, and I substitute self-harm with self-nurturance. Yet, life isn't always so neatly compartmentalized. There are moments when triggers ambush me mid-sentence, and the simple rituals of daily life offer little sanctuary. In these instances, my anchor is in the art of coping ahead to soften the impact of BPD triggers.

Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder Triggers: Recurring Themes

From the sting of exclusion in a group to the ache of being left behind, I'm all too familiar with these recurring themes of abandonment and rejection. Through countless cycles of self-observation, I've learned to identify the sting for what it is: a trauma response; my body is undergoing emotional dysregulation. When I am calm again, I assume the role of emotional detective to untangle the threads of each trigger. Through these deliberate acts of self-exploration, I soften the impact of BPD triggers that will inevitably bubble up in the future.

Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder Triggers: Reframing Suicidal Ideation

For half a decade, I brushed aside my diagnosis, letting it collect dust in the corners of my mind. Untreated BPD gifted me a collection of coping mechanisms, each one a relic of survival. Among them is a dark gem: suicidal ideation. No, I wasn't plotting my exit, but the thought of fading away was a frequent visitor. Softening the impact of this BPD trigger required understanding the symptom at its roots. I've learned to ask myself, "What is my body trying to tell me when I receive intrusive thoughts of suicide?" This fundamental shift in perception has been central to my recovery.

Yes, I'm on the journey of healing, and that means making room for the raw truth: suicidal thoughts emerge from deep wells of pain. In softening the impact of BPD triggers, I lean into the advice of trusted confidants and mental health professionals. And when words fail me, when the weight of it all feels too heavy, I find release in song or the unfiltered flow of stream-of-consciousness writing. Instead of viewing suicidal ideation as a sign of weakness or inevitability, I've come to recognize it as a potent indicator of inner turmoil and a call for compassionate self-attention.

Accepting the Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder Triggers in My Story

The reality is living with BPD means my days will be marred with triggers. I win my life back by reframing impulsive urges as opportunities for mindful reflection and intentional choice. Consciously opting for deliberate action empowers me to reclaim agency over my response to triggering stimuli. Borderline personality disorder is a part of my story, sure, but it doesn't hold the pen. 

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Author: Karen Mae Vister

Karen Mae Vister, author of her blog, Over the Borderline, dedicates her work to providing valuable content and support for individuals on the path to recovery from borderline personality disorder. Find Karen Mae on Instagram and her blog.

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