Amy Winehouse, Alcoholism, and Support Systems

August 3, 2015 Kira Lesley

Amy Winehouse, an alcoholic, lacked a social support system near the end of her life, according to a recent documentary about the ill-fated singer and songwriter. After watching the revealing and very sad, Amy, last week, I am reminded how critical it is for struggling alcoholics and addicts like Amy Winehouse, to surround themselves with a quality support system (Importance of Drug Addiction Support).

Why Amy Winehouse and All Alcoholics Need Support

Amy Winehouse raised concerns for many, but those closest to her in the months The new Amy Winehouse documentary is heartbreaking and underscores the importance of support systems for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Read this and discover why. before her death from alcohol poisoning did not comprise the support system she needed. Without assigning blame, it's fair to say that she was not enveloped in recovery the way an alcoholic needs to be when his or her addiction has such a stranglehold. Some people are able to abstain from drugs and alcohol without changing anything else in their lives, but I would venture a guess that such individuals are few and far between.

Amy Winehouse was in some ways fighting this addiction battle on her own, and she died alone. I did not have to fight alone; I had parents and a sister willing to do whatever it took to help me, friends who stuck with me and showed compassion, and structured outpatient program where most of my time was spent with other people in recovery. When I got sober, I had a support system in place, and I try to maintain one today. I believe this system saved my life. (Alcoholism Recovery is the Most Important Part of My Life)

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Author: Kira Lesley

Katheryn Stavrakis
August, 6 2015 at 6:03 am

Thanks for your comments. The film was very moving, though hard to watch at the end. And one interesting point is that Amy did die of alcohol poisoning, even though she had used crack cocaine and heroin in the past. Not to minimize the dangers of those drugs, but it's worth noting that society still underestimates just how dangerous alcohol can be if misused.

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