I Got the ADHD Weekend Blues

February 18, 2013 Elizabeth Prager

The ADHD Weekend Blues can strike seemingly without notice. It lurks behind every Friday, biding time until it can make its move. Every. Single. Saturday. You feel you've been patient; you've waited through five whole days of work and/or school and you're only asking for some down time. Is that really too much? The ADHD Weekend Blues can sense your desire and POW! it attacks. The Weekend Blues strikes again.So, what are the ADHD Weekend Blues? Frankly, they're something I've made up. The Blues are that feeling you get when the structure of your work- and/or school-week fades and the de-structured reality of your Saturday morning creeps in. They can make you feel blue, anxious, unsettled and a whole host of other feelings.

For the most part, we Adult ADHDers detest structure, and it's also, unfortunately, where we thrive. We seem to rebel internally during the forced structure of our daily lives, only to find ourselves rather lost when it's removed. It's difficult for us to create the structure for ourselves, so what do we do?

Option A

Outsource to a stranger! If you have the time, budget and gumption, think about getting an ADHD Coach. The coach will be able to help bring some structure to your down time in an unbiased way.

Option B

Outsource to a known entity! This is what I personally do. My wife has long been a fan of google docs and sharing them with me. For the most part, I ignore the bulk of what she sends in favor of reading a sentence or two. The documents I do read fully are the lists she makes for me. Glorious lists! She creates a plan for my days at home with tasks for me to complete. There isn't a specific time for me to complete them, so I still feel somewhat in charge of my time. But, there are definite things for me to do, so the time I do spend simply reading or goofing off feel well-deserved. My down time makes me happy, rather than making me feel lethargic and icky. Teamwork can knock out the Blues!

Option C

Try to do it yourself! Make some lists and see how well you can stick to them. Be wary of the "I can skip this one thing" trap. That is exactly what the ADHD Weekend Blues wants - as soon as you skip one, you'll be more likely to skip another and you'll be right back where you started.

Now that you're armed and ready, let me know which option you chose and how it worked out. As someone who gets bored of my effective strategies regularly, I'm always looking for new and fun ways to kick the ADHD Weekend Blues to the curb!

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

December, 16 2018 at 12:39 pm

Thank you for this article! Finally a term I can use towards this struggle. I deff have the ADD weekend blues. When the weekend arrives, I know I have so much to do, or that I could do, that I feel overwhelmed! A lot of the time , I waste my days off doing next to nothing. When Monday comes, and coworkers ask what I did over the weekend, I sometimes lie. I'll tell them I did what I had intended to do, but didn't actually do.. I always make lists, but then don't bother to read them , and complete them. It's much easier to put everything off for tomorrow,. or the next weekend, or wait for the motivation to kick in. #Thestruggleisreal.

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