Why Adult ADHD Makes Shopping for Clothes a Struggle

August 21, 2018 Noelle Matteson

Clothes shopping with ADHD can be particularly challenging. Learn why clothes shopping with ADHD is difficult and what steps you can take to help.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make shopping for clothes difficult. Some with ADHD love shopping for clothes, while others (like myself) find it tedious. Whatever the case, our sensitivity, impulsiveness, and prioritizing problems throw a wrench into the works. Since I am currently replacing my wardrobe, bit by bit, I would like to offer a few suggestions to make ADHD shopping easier.

Why Clothes Shopping with ADHD can be Difficult

  • Prioritizing problems: Though everyone I know with ADHD is very opinionated, one of ADHD's major symptoms is problems prioritizing. This has to do with our difficulty regulating attention. When I walk into a store, I see countless options and feel the need to try on as many items as possible, just in case.
  • Sensitivity: People with ADHD tend to be sensitive to stimuli, again, due to our inability to control our attention. Malls or even boutiques often include music, people, and so many items, which is both exciting and overwhelming. On top of that, I find it particularly hard to find clothes that I find comfortable. I am shocked when others say that they get used to the discomfort or simply don't notice it.
  • Impulsiveness: Even if you do enjoy clothes shopping, if you have ADHD, you probably struggle with impulsiveness, including spontaneous purchases. If you want something, it is difficult to resist its siren call ("ADHD and Urgency"). This could have to do with our deficiency of "pleasure" neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. Buying something can produce a surge of pleasure.
  • Too many steps: It takes a lot of energy for ADHDers to transition between tasks, and the process of shopping for anything involves numerous steps ("How ADHD Affects Working Memory"). One doesn't just "buy clothes." One scours the store, compares items, makes selections, finds a changing room, gets undressed and re-dressed--the list goes on. (This does not even address what it takes to maintain clothes after they are bought, such as washing, ironing, and folding.)

Other tasks I personally struggle with include the repetitive nature of shopping and time-management. I get bored performing the same actions ad nauseam (trying on clothes, checking them out, taking them back--repeat), but I can also get lost in a store for hours with no sense of how much time has passed ("ADHD and Perseveration").

Tips for Clothes Shopping for ADHD Adults

I have been experimenting with different methods in order to make the process more enjoyable. Whether you agree or just take some inspiration from the possibilities that are out there, please watch the video for some of my advice:

In the comments, let me know your advice when it comes to buying new clothes. Do you share my frustrations or do you have a set system? Are you a shopaholic or do you manage to buy clothes in moderation? Thank you for reading, and please visit HealthyPlace for more information about ADHD and mental health.

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June, 14 2021 at 10:23 pm

I was just diagnosed and I'm just realizing how much of my life has been compromised by this. I HATE shopping for clothes, always have, even as an adult if I try on one clothing item - which usually takes me a long time to decide I will try it on, then when it doesn't fit - the feeling of something not fitting right, combined with being in a dressing room, then walking back out into a loud and busy retail floor - I have an absolute internal meltdown. I've felt like such an immature adult because of it, and never understood why this happens. Thanks for the article!

April, 5 2021 at 8:33 am

Any and all shopping without a specific item needed to purchase is a nightmare. Browsing is even worse. I never do unless “forced” up do with family or friends. I become incredibly antsy and irritable.

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