The Importance of Psychiatric Crisis Planning

September 20, 2011 Dani Zee

I realized the importance of a psychiatric crisis plan when I needed one and I did not have one in place. A few years ago, I was hospitalized and I don't feel that I was given the proper care by the hospital and I was certainly not in any state to take care of myself. If I had a crisis plan in place, my family could have worked with my doctor to make sure that I received the proper treatment and care at the hospital and that I had a plan in place for after I was discharged. Because I did not have a psychiatric crisis plan in place, it caused so much additional stress to my family and me while we were already going through a difficult time. Here are the links to a sample crisis plan and a blank crisis plan for you to fill out. Be sure to fill it out when you are doing well and can think clearly. Give a copy of your plan to everyone in your support network - like your close family and friends, your psychiatrist and your therapist.

You will also find this article, "Post-Crisis Planning For After Your Psychiatric Crisis," helpful.

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Author: Dani Zee

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