5 Affirmations to Release the Power of Anxiety

October 18, 2021 Martha Lueck

Anxiety is like the aftermath of vivid dreams or nightmares. Most of the time, you recognize the physical symptoms of anxiety right away. Other times, worry builds gradually and then morphs into anxiety and/or panic attacks. Anxiety can last for a short time, or it can extend into obsessive thoughts that last for a long time. Thankfully, I've found that affirmations can help to reduce (and even release) the power of anxiety before it gets worse. To learn about these affirmations and why they can help, continue reading this post.

5 Affirmations to Release the Power of Anxiety

  1. This too shall pass. You have probably heard of this affirmation many times. It doesn't always seem true because things like grief from tragedies and rehab for addictions lead to long recovery times. Relapses happen, and triggers interrupt the healing process. But every second that passes gets you closer to the end or closer to the beginning of something important. Another way to look at this is a storm passing. This is another cliche, but it relates to everything being temporary.
  2. You will get through this. Anxiety can make you feel like everything is too much for you to handle. But you have already overcome so many tough times. Maybe previous challenges seemed small compared to what you are facing now. But how much did you doubt yourself during these struggles? How impossible did they seem? Your obstacles make you feel weaker than you are. So remember that you are stronger than you think you are.
  3. Your past will not predict your future. Severe anxiety symptoms can happen due to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When you experience a traumatic event, you might think it will keep happening throughout your entire life. You might think if this happens, your entire future will be dark or even pointless. Your fears are certainly valid, as they are based on the reality from your past and present circumstances. However, the future is unknown. Perhaps you will not experience any more traumatic events for a long time. With proper treatment, you will be able to work through your anxiety and live a fulfilling life.
  4. You are worthy of love. Low self-esteem can be an issue for some people. This can be caused by several factors. Some examples include bullies, rejections, bad grades, childhood abuse, etc. If any of these things affect your self-esteem for a long time, you might feel like you are unloveable. However, this is not true at all. You have many positive traits to offer the world. The people who love you notice those traits. Even if there are cruel people who pick on your flaws, your loved ones will not think less of you.
  5. Your effort is progress. Anxiety often manifests from repeated disappointments. For instance, if you have experienced a long history of job rejections, you might have come to believe that you cannot interview well or your resume wasn't good enough. So when people encourage you to keep applying for jobs, you might assume your effort will be pointless. However, the fact that you took a chance to get rejected meant that you also took the chance to land a job. As hard as it might be when anxiety is high, continuing to take chances gets you closer to employment. The same applies to any goal you want to achieve.

These affirmations can give you the strength to face anxiety or stop it in its tracks. Next time you know you are going to have anxious thoughts, use these affirmations to defend your mind. If any of these affirmations are particularly helpful for you, share them in the comments.

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Author: Martha Lueck

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Lizanne Corbit
October, 19 2021 at 5:09 pm

Affirmations can be such powerful tools to incorporate and these are all wonderful. I particularly love "Your past will not predict your future." - how true!! This goes hand in hand with the other side of that which is reminding ourselves that just because something hasn't happened yet (like getting the job, or receiving good news, etc.) doesn't mean that it won't.

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