Anxiety – Tough Times

You may be experiencing some end-of-year pressure as the fourth quarter starts because it is common to start thinking about all the things we set out to do and haven't yet. Maybe you wanted to lose weight or get a huge promotion. If you haven't hit those goals yet, you may feel the pressure to get it done before the year ends. This may cause you to feel overwhelmed, pressured, and anxious. If you're feeling anxious due to end-of-year pressure, continue reading below.
Usually, people recommend taking a relaxing bath before bed to help reduce anxiety. For me, taking hot showers help to relieve my anxiety. In this article, I'll go over the ways it helps me personally along with studies that show the benefits of taking a hot shower.
When your anxiety keeps you awake, trying to fall asleep can be extremely difficult. It becomes an endless cycle where you feel anxious you aren't sleeping, and then you can't sleep because you are feeling anxious. Many people, including me, get especially anxious at night and aren't sure how to manage it as well before bed. In this article, we will cover how to fall asleep when your anxiety keeps you awake. 
Getting things done when you don't feel like it can be more challenging than it sounds. It is so easy to look at our to-do list and become paralyzed. This happens to me more often than I would like, but when I catch myself, there are a few things I do that help me. Read this article to learn three ways to get things done when you don't feel like it.
I use creativity to reduce anxiety because sometimes when anxiety hits it can be easy to feel stuck and not know what to do to get out of feeling that way. For me, if I don't use anxiety coping techniques to start feeling better then it becomes harder and harder to start feeling normal again. Read this article to learn how I use creativity to reduce anxiety. 
Do you feel anxiety during the holiday season? While the holidays are meant to be a fun time for everyone, you are not alone if you struggle with holiday season anxiety. There are many circumstances that could trigger anxiety during this time of the year, like gaining weight, seeing family you don't get along with or buying presents. Read this article for three tips on managing anxiety during the holiday season.
You can stop a panic attack in public in four steps. As you know, panic attacks can feel uncomfortable, to say the least. Everyone experiences different symptoms, but most people can agree that the worst part is not knowing how to stop a panic attack when you are in public. In this article, you will learn what four steps I use to calm my mind and stop my panic attack if I am around other people.
Adding a morning writing ritual to reduce anxiety before you begin your day can help you better deal with anxiety all day long. The way you begin your day can have a big impact on your mood throughout the day. Continue reading to see how writing every morning can help you reduce anxiety throughout your day.
If you have anxiety, then you may have noticed that some habits seem to make your anxiety worse while some prevent anxiety. Here are some daily habits I have that help to prevent anxiety.
Anxiety in the summer heat affects some people just as others might feel more anxious during the winter months. From my experience with anxiety, I have learned the importance of using mindfulness for anxiety and establishing healthy boundaries, and I use those skills to handle anxiety in the summer, too. To learn about my struggles with anxiety in heat and how I cope, read this article.