Binge Eating Disorder Stories: Overcoming Overeating

Every binge eater has a binge eating disorder story to share. Discover how binge eating stories help others in coping with and overcoming overeating.

Every binge eater has a binge eating disorder story to share. Each person has a unique road from binge eating to overcoming overeating. Reading these binge eating disorder stories can be of help in overcoming binge eating disorder.

Binge eating disorder often has its roots in psychological issues, part of which drives the compulsive overeater to feel shame and hide their overeating symptoms and behaviors. Binge eating disorder stories about overcoming overeating can help a binge eater realize they have a problem and may be the key in getting the binge eater to seek professional binge eating disorder treatment.

How Binge Eating Stories Help

Many binge eating stories start with a person in denial about their eating disorder. The compulsive overeater reading the story is often also in denial. Seeing themselves echoed in the stories automatically builds a bond between the reader and the overeater (author).

Binge eating disorder stories then typically show a spiral further down into the disease, talking about how the binge eating behaviors took over bigger parts of the overeater's lives. Compulsive overeaters can see the behaviors in their own lives that they previously couldn't understand.

Binge eating stories then talk about the turning point that initiates the process of overcoming overeating. The turning point often shows the compulsive overeater why they too should get professional help.

Finally, binge eating disorder stories talk about the help they needed and their success in overcoming binge eating. Binge eating stories show the readers that help is available and that recovery is difficult, but that ultimately overcoming overeating is worth the effort. This encourages compulsive eaters to get professional help and become one of the successful binge eating stories.

Read Binge Eating Disorder Stories On Struggles and Overcoming Overeating

From Maura, a Compulsive Overeater

This compulsive overeating story is described as "gut wrenching" for the author who continues to work on overcoming overeating.

Like many binge eating stories, Maura starts overeating for comfort in seventh grade and experiences worsening overeating patterns as she goes through a trauma of sexual abuse. Her father's negative comments on her size increase her feelings of self-hatred.

Maura then tells of getting help, both for her childhood trauma and her eating disorder. As in most binge eating disorder stories, this is the turning point in overcoming overeating for Maura.

Read all of Maura's compulsive overeating story to see how she was a picky eater as a child, survived trauma and then went through years of counseling before she could begin to tackle her binge eating disorder: Maura's Story

Eva on Overcoming Overeating

Eva begins by talking about many of the treatments discussed in other binge eating stories and says that her overcoming overeating has come from within her, more than from a specific program.

Eva describes her turning point as a refusal to let others, or society, dictate who she was and what she could do. This decision wasn't specifically about overcoming overeating but about reclaiming her life and doing the things she wanted to do like swim.

As in many binge eating stories, Eva comes to realize that the ignorance of others is not a reflection on her or her self-worth. Read more about Eva's overcoming overeating and the drug treatment that is helping her recovery: Eva's Story

Sunny's Binge Eating Story

Binge eating stories often begin where Sunny's does: at a stressful time when only eating brought comfort. In Sunny's case, it was when she was 14 and her parents were fighting and talking about divorce. Sunny describes a "frenzied pattern" of eating including sneaking food and overeating at home and while babysitting.

Sunny admits to what many admit to in binge eating stories, "I thought I was a pig and a freak, because I couldn't stop this weird, secret, uncontrollable eating." Sunny hid her weight gain from others.

Sunny's turning point is when she went to a family counselor who finally gave a name to what was happening: compulsive overeating. It is the counselor's help and the resources he suggested that makes recovery a reality for Sunny.

Sunny's Story

Find out more about Sunny, who is now at a healthy weight and runs the site

My Story of Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

This story is written by an anonymous woman in college who has had binge eating disorder for 2-3 years. Unlike many binge eating disorder stories though, her binge eating developed after a five-year fight with anorexia.

The author describes recovering from anorexia only to gain too much weight and begin bingeing instead of restricting food intake. It took years before she finally admitted she had exchanged one eating disorder for another.

The author admits that "I sometimes have trouble recognizing exactly what I'm feeling because all emotions tend to feel like 'I want to eat.'."

As in most binge eating stories, the author tells of the extreme toll binge eating has taken on her body and her life. She feels unaccepted, has few friends, overspends on food and knows that bingeing wastes time that she should be spending on other things.

Finally though, the author becomes more confident about dealing with her overeating. She is seeking binge eating treatment and making progress towards complete recovery. Read more about the author's binge eating story from childhood to college and how she realized that she was using bingeing just to comfort herself. My Story Of BED

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