Am I Bisexual?

Some people ask themselves, Am I bisexual? This is common when questioning sexuality. Determining the existence of an attraction to both genders is key.

If you have been asking yourself, "am I bisexual," ask yourself one simple question:

Has every person I have been attracted to belonged to the same gender?

If the answer is "no," then you might feel comfortable calling yourself a bisexual.

However, self-identity is a choice that you alone can make and there are other terms which may more closely fit you, such as:

  • Bicurious
  • Pansexual
  • Biromantic
  • Omnisexual

Figuring Out "Am I Bisexual?"

Some people have certain ideas about bisexuals that are largely based on assumptions, myths, and stereotypes. However, no matter how you or anyone else defines the terms gay, straight, bicurious, pansexual or any other type of sexuality, a bisexual is a person attracted to more than one gender.

There is no such thing as a "proper" bisexual. You may be attracted to only one gender for specific periods of your life or you may be attracted to both genders life-long. (read: Are Bisexuals Equally Attracted to Men and Women?) You may care about your partner's gender a lot or not at all. However, gender is not the deciding factor in the attraction.

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