Top Myths About Bisexuality

Misinformation about bisexuality abounds and thus so do myths about bisexuality. Learn more facts and myths about bisexuality.

There are plenty of myths about bisexuality. For some, the concept of bisexuality is confusing and out of this confusion comes misunderstandings, stereotypes, and myths about bisexuality. These can lead to misconceptions of what it means to be bisexual. It also calls into question the validity of bisexuality which can lead to the devaluing of bisexuals as people and biphobia.

3 Myths About Bisexuality

Here are some of the myths about bisexuality that can affect both men and women:

Myth: Bisexuality Is Only a Phase

This myth comes from people in the process of finding their sexuality that have a bisexual experience, even though they are not bisexual. In bisexuality, the physical and emotional attraction is more important than gender and, because of this, bisexuals choose to not limit themselves to either men or women.

Myth: Bisexual People Are Just Confused

There are varying degrees of bisexuality:

  • Some bisexuals choose to "lean straight," meaning they generally prefer members of the opposite sex, while same-sex partners are still an option
  • Other bisexuals can "lean gay," where they prefer members of the same sex but opposite gender relationships can still be an option

This is a matter of personal choice and has nothing to do with confusion. (read: Am I Bisexual?)

Myth: Bisexuality Equals Promiscuity

The process of finding a partner for dating, sex or a lasting relationship is basically the same for everyone regardless of sexuality. However, just because the amount of potential partners has increased, this does not translate to promiscuous behavior.

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