Top 5 Myths About Gay Men

There are tons of stereotypes and myths about gay men and most of them are totally unsubstantiated and unfair. Many of these myths about gay men come about because of a lack of understanding of homosexuality. For some people, their only interaction with homosexuality is through television or other media sources which can exaggerate or marginalize events. Unfortunately, this is a great recipe to spread these destructive myths. Here are some of the more common stereotypes associated with gay men.

Myths About Gay Men

Being Gay: It's Just a Phase

Many people still believe this myth about gay men - that homosexuality is simply a phase. This misconception has led thousands of gay men to seek gay conversion therapy, aka "reverse gay counseling", or even go so far as engaging in heterosexual relationships in order to deny their homosexual feelings (read: Is My Husband Gay?). These attempts at leading a heterosexual lifestyle can often lead to further suppression of one's true homosexual feelings, which can, in turn, lead to more pain caused due to adultery, divorce, or custody battles.

All Gay Men Will Die of AIDS

Amazingly, many misconceptions regarding AIDS still exist today that were initially borne from the 1980s out of fear and lack of understanding. Although the root of the disease is still a mystery, it has been definitively shown that AIDS is not a disease that belongs strictly to the homosexual community. Take the initiative to educate yourself regarding AIDS and talk with your partner about how to practice safe sex. This conversation might be awkward at first, but is a necessary conversation to have. In the end, you'll find it extremely beneficial.

All Gay Men Are Effeminate

Unfortunately, the media has a tendency to portray gay men as overtly feminine. Gay men are just as diverse as any other social grouping of individuals; just look at the different levels of masculinity evident in heterosexual males. The belief that all gay men desire to be women is nothing more than a generalization and ranks among the top myths about gay men.

Someone Made Him Gay

Like any other aspect of personality, the environment is not the sole deciding factor regarding development. Homosexuals are born not made, so if a mother regrets being too close to her son because it "made" him gay, this is incorrect. There is no one act or one person that can make a person gay, except the homosexual individual choosing to accept their feelings of homosexuality and live accordingly. There is still research being done as to the exact causes of homosexuality and why people are gay, but assigning it as strictly a product of the environment is not the answer.

Gay Men Can't Get Married or Have Children

A large concern for families which have a homosexual loved one is that the individual is condemned to a life without children. However, assuming that the individual does want children, there are options such as adoption that are by no means out of reach. As far as marriage goes, the battle is still being fought in many corners of the world. In countries such as Iceland, Belgium, Canada, and France gay civil union or full gay marriages are already being recognized. In the United States, support for same-sex marriage appears to be gaining steam as legalized marriages, domestic partnerships, or unions are already recognized in Vermont, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey. and other states Homosexuals are fighting for their right to be legally recognized as being in happy, committed and fruitful relationships, no different than heterosexual couples.

And that rounds out our top 5 myths about gay men. Hopefully, you now understand these are just myths, stereotypes perpetuated by others.

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