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Shyness and Social Anxiety in Children

Do you have a child whose shyness or social anxiety is debilitating; gets in the way of everyday functioning?

Marjie Braun Knudsen did. Her daughter had trouble interacting with peers, couldn't speak up in class. In fact, Marjie relates that, over the years, there were times that her daughter begged her to home-school her. Marjie wants others to know that treatment for social anxiety and shyness can help your child (read her article). Marjie is a co-author of BRAVE: Be Ready and Victory's Easy, A Story About Social Anxiety.

Additional Information on Social Anxiety

Economy is Taking It's Toll on Women's Mental Health

How are some women dealing with the economic stress? A new study shows they are drinking to calm their nerves. It's especially true for single mothers who are the primary providers for their children. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol to brighten your mood is tied to alcoholism, depression.

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Additionally, as might be expected, many women are reporting that extreme financial stress being experienced by families in this downturn is having a profoundly negative impact on their relationships.

Men are under stress too due to the economy.

So the question is: What can you do to help manage this economic-induced stress?

Wondering just how stressed out you may be? Take this online stress test.

Online Psychological Tests

One of the most popular features on is the online psychological tests. We have bipolar disorder tests, depression tests, eating disorder tests, ADHD tests and others. You can use these psychological tests as a tool in considering whether you might need to seek professional help. Print the results and share them with your doctor or therapist. In addition, by taking the test periodically, you can also measure your progress if you are already involved in treatment. All tests are automatically scored and can be saved to your profile if you're a site member. (registering is free)

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