Don’t Give Yourself Permission to Feel Inferior

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Mental illnesses often make us feel inferior. Here are 3 practical ideas on how to stop feeling inferior at HealthyPlace

Don’t Give Yourself Permission to Feel Inferior

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

While completely true, Eleanor Roosevelt’s statement is easier said than believed. Mental illness and personality disorders often make us feel inferior from the inside out. Because of an illness, we often feel as though we are “less than.”

Mental illness has a terrible habit of causing us to give ourselves permission to feel inferior. We see our flaws and give them more weight than our many strengths.

How to Stop Feeling Inferior

What can we do to stop giving ourselves permission to feel inferior? Try these ideas to start:

  • Action: Every day, do at least one small thing that moves you forward. Make your bed, eat well, walk to the corner and back.
  • Accomplishment: One of the great things about action is that it brings a sense of accomplishment. Feeling accomplishment helps us to see our strengths.
  • Meaning: Add things to your life that are meaningful to you. This will help guide your actions, and because they’re important to you, the actions will help you feel good about yourself.

As you act, feel accomplished, and create meaning, you’ll see yourself in a bright new light. You just might see that you don’t have a reason to give yourself or others permission to make you feel inferior.

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