Hesitant About Mental Health Therapy? Consider This

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Hesitant About Mental Health Therapy? Consider This

If you’ve considered seeking mental health therapy but are uncertain whether or not it’s for you, you’re not alone. Currently, many factors can prevent someone from seeking therapy for a mental health problem. Sometimes, good mental health care can be hard to find. Even when it is readily available, fear of the unknown can keep people away. And of course there’s the “s” word: stigma. Unfortunately, negative perceptions about therapy still exist.

Yet therapy can yield tremendous mental health benefits. Working with a therapist can help you process information you’re reading on your own, understand your symptoms, get out of your head and back into life, and develop lasting skills for thriving.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this research-based information summarized by the American Psychological Association1. Therapy:

  • works for a wide variety of mental health disorders and works across cultures, genders, and age groups;
  • is effective in increasing life functioning and decreasing symptoms;
  • decreases medical costs, disability, and the need for psychiatric hospitalization;
  • is often more effective than medication or mediation alone;
  • provides lasting results that increase over time, even after therapy has stopped.

Therapy might not be for everyone. Given the numerous benefits, though, mental health therapy is worth considering.

Source: American Psychological Association (2012). Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness. Washington: American Psychological Association. Retrieved from

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