Mental Health Challenges Make Thanksgiving Hard to Like

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Thanksgiving often worsens mental health struggles. Learn some ways to care for your mental health during Thanksgiving at

Mental Health Challenges Make Thanksgiving Hard to Like

Thanksgiving often worsens mental health struggles. The gatherings aren't always the warm, cozy get-togethers portrayed in greeting card commercials. Instead, the holiday can contribute to increased depression and anxiety. It can create distress for people struggling with eating disorders (Surviving and Thriving During the Holidays with an Eating Disorder) or substance use. The holiday stress can exacerbate symptoms of almost every mental illness or personality disorder. When living with mental health challenges, Thanksgiving can be a reason to hide rather than a reason to gather.

Although tempting, hiding isn't always the best way to care for yourself and enhance mental health. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, consider ways to care for your mental health:

  • Get in the spirit of the day; expressing gratitude for who you are and aspects of your life is a proven way to put things in perspective.
  • Establish boundaries; what can you tolerate and what can't you put up with? Define this clearly, and don't be afraid to draw the line.
  • Remember strategies you already use to enhance mental health, and use them throughout the day. Stepping away from the fray to breathe, walk, read, or anything else that enhances calm will make the day more bearable. (Tips on Coping with Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder)

Thanksgiving might be stressful, but you don't have to let it aggravate your mental health symptoms.

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