When Mental Illness Is Harsh Turn to Lovingkindness

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Lovingkindness is the act of cultivating benevolence and goodwill toward yourself. It’s a powerful counter to self-criticism and negative beliefs. Read more.

When Mental Illness Is Harsh Turn to Lovingkindness

Do you practice lovingkindness? Mental illnesses and personality disorders can be emotionally grueling. Maybe you’ve experienced their harsh effects in one or more ways:

  • Using mean words to describe yourself
  • Seeing your limitations but not your strengths
  • Comparing yourself to others and coming up short
  • Believing that your mental illness is who you are
  • Feeling guilty because you think you are a terrible mother/father/friend/spouse/etc.
  • Living with a sense of shame fueled by stigma and self-stigma

When you become gentle with yourself (a practice that takes patience and time), there isn’t a single mental illness or personality disorder that can permanently destroy your confidence and healthy, accurate sense of self. One approach to self-compassion is the practice of lovingkindness.

What is Lovingkindness?

Lovingkindness is the act of cultivating benevolence and goodwill toward yourself (and others, too). It is a powerful counter to self-criticism and negative beliefs. Honing lovingkindness helps you accept yourself wholly.

Here’s a way to practice lovingkindness every day:

  • Craft a statement that begins with “May I…”
  • Add what you need most that day (“May I think about myself positively.”)
  • Repeat your statement throughout the day.

Create a collection of many lovingkindness statements (also called affirmations). Change your statements daily, weekly, or whenever feels right to you. Practice lovingkindness consistently to counter the harshness of mental illness with gentle self-compassion.

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