When Mental Illness Makes Self-Care Difficult, Shrink It

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When Mental Illness Makes Self-Care Difficult, Shrink It

Mental health experts speak often and passionately about the importance of self-care because taking good care of ourselves is essential for total wellbeing. However, tending to yourself can be excruciatingly difficult when you’re living with depression or any other mental illness.

When mental illness makes it difficult to get out of bed or be active in even the smallest of ways, traditional approaches to self-care, like exercising or making and eating healthy meals, are overwhelming. Dial it back and do little actions instead.

  • Define a small space around you and make it your temporary fortress.
  • Clean and tidy your little dwelling space. Draw an imaginary circle around it, divide into quarters, and address one piece a day. In less than a week, you’ll have a fresh, positive space.
  • Devote 10 minutes a day to stocking and organizing your area. Gather healthy snacks you can graze on rather than worrying about cooking. Add easy activities, like a single book to read, a coloring book, and music.
  • Place a pouch in one corner. Put your phone in it for stretches of time throughout the day to give yourself a break from social media and other activities that can bring you down.
  • Decorate your space with images that remind you of your goals and values, the reasons you’re recovering.

Gradually, expand your circle and repeat the above steps until you’re ready to step out of the circle and expand your life. 

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